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General Apps

Parcel Map

Stray Animals

Report your Lost & Found Cats and Dogs with a description and a photo.



Browse through 60 plus data layers used by the Planning and Development Dept.

Escondido Trail

Escondido Trail

Hike or bike along this 7.5-mile trail in McDowell Mountain Regional Park with panoramic views of the Verde River Valley and Superstition Mountains.

Historic Aerials

Historical Aerial Photography

Browse through our catalog of Historic Aerial Imagery for Maricopa County dating back to 1930.

Facilities Management Map

Search for Facilities by Address, Department, Name, Number or Type. 

Parks, Trails and Amenities

View all the Parks, Trails and Amenities managed by the Maricopa County Parks & Recreation Dept.

Prickly Pedal Bike Race

Track the elevation along the Prickly Pedal Mountain Bike Race from Lake Pleasant to Spur Cross.

Overdue Property Taxes and Liens

View which parcels have overdue property taxes and liens.

No Fence District

Find if your Property falls within a No Fence District.

Active Operating Picture

Active Operating Picture application designed for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

Stadium District Parking

Location of Parking Facilities and Light Rail stops in Downtown Phoenix.

Flood Control

Floodplain Viewer

Find if your property lies in a high-risk zone, also also known as the 100-year floodplain, as designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Report a Flood

To report a flooding incident, click on the map at the location of the flood. To view a reported flooding incident, click on a green dot.

Rainfall & Weather Data

Flood Control District of Maricopa County ALERT Google Data Display Map.

Flood Projects

This map viewer displays the Flood Control District Projects, Structures and Property.

Floodplain Changes

FEMA has published 20 preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps. They include proposed changes to 100-year floodplains with updated information pertaining to certain levees and areas they protect.

FLO-2D Models

The FLO-2D Web Access Tool allows our client agencies, consulting engineers and the public access to 2D model results from District ADMS(P) projects. A variety of technical information can be viewed, downloaded and printed.

FLO-2D Hohokam

FLO2D Hohokam Public Site.

FLO-2D SanTan West

FLO2D San Tan Web Public Site

FLO-2D Pinnacle Peak West

FLO2D Pinnacle Peak West Public Site.

FLO-2D Pinnacle Peak South

FLO-2D Pinnacle Peak South Public Site.

FLO-2D Luke Air Force Base

FLO2D Luke Air Force Base Public Site.

FLO-2D Rio Verde

FLO-2D Rio Verde Public Site.

FLO-2D Rio Verde Technical

FLO2D Rio Verde Technical Site.

FLO-2D Centennial Wash

FLO-2D Centennial Wash Public Site.

FLO-2D Centennial Wash Technical

FLO2D Centennial Wash Technical Site.

Lower Hila River FDS

Lower Hila River Floodplain Delineation Study.

Structures and Storm Drains

Map of Structures and Storm Drains maintained by the Flood Control Dept.

Sand Bag Pickup Locations

Where to pick up sand and sand bags for residents of unincorporated Maricopa County.

Wickenburg Centennial PMR

Floodplain Changes for the Wickenburg Centennial PMR. Find if your parcel is affected by this change.

Pinnacle Peak West Area Drainage Master Study

Pinnacle Peak West FLO-2D model results.

MSP Message Statements

The app allows the Flood Warning Branch at FCD to create hazardous weather outlook messages.


Adopt A Highway

Map showing road segments that are adopted, sponsored, and available for adoption or sponsorship.

Active Transportation Plan

The map allows citizens to select any point in Maricopa County and submit a comment. Additionally users can select an existing approved comment and submit a reply.

MCDOT Projects

Mapping application for sharing Maricopa County Department of Transportation’s various projects with the public.

Right of Way Waivers

Map showing Right of Way Waivers that are proposed, approved or denied.

Road Closures

Map showing road closures and information to the public pertaining to the road segments that are adopted, sponsored, and available for adoption or sponsorship.

Road Information Tool

Simplified Public Viewer of the Road Information Tool.

Survey Points

This web mapping application was developed to share Maricopa County’s land survey data with the public..

Transportation System Plan

Transportation System Plan 2035 Phase 2’s Interactive Map.


Air Quality

Air Quality Map of Maricopa County.

Mosquito Management

Map showing the Mosquito Fogging Areas.

Cutting Edge Participants

Locations of Restaurants, Groceries, Retail Stores, Hotels and Resorts.

Environmental Health Regional Offices

Map of the Environmental Health Regional Offices.

Mobile Restaurant Ratings

Collection of Web Apps related to Restaurant Ratings & Inspections.


MCESA Tax Credit Portal

Get a Tax Credit by making a Donation to your School District.

Internal Apps

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping schedule for Maricopa County Streets.

Road Information Viewer

High profile Web Application for viewing Road Data.

RMS Viewer

Road Management System Viewer for Maricopa County Department of Transportation.

Pipes, Culverts and Headwalls

Location of Pipes, Cuverts and Headwalls.

Building Layout FCD

Web Application to view the building layouts of the Flood Control Department.

Building Layout MCDOT

Web Application to view the building layouts of Maricopa County Department of Transportation.

Building Layout Highway Operations

Web Application to view the building layout of Highway Operations.

Building Layout Operations

Web Application to view the building layout of FCD Operations.

ATP Manager

Web App for adding and reviewing comments provided in person, in writing, or over the phone on the Active Transportation Plan.

TSP Manager

Transportation System Plan Manager.

FMD Facility Locations

Web App showing the Facility Locations of the Facility Management Department.

Risk Management

Simple Risk Management Data Viewer. 


Generate a Casemap based on a Permit Number.

Opposition Case

This Web App provides a tool to calculate a "Super Majority Vote" for Board of Supervisors Public Hearing Amendments.


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