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Political Boundary


County Boundaries in Arizona. Download ZIP (1MB)

County (Maricopa)

Maricopa County Boundary. Download ZIP (0.1MB)


City Boundaries in Maricopa County. Download ZIP (0.7MB)

City by Ordinance

City Boundaries by Ordinance. Download ZIP (2MB)

ZIP Code

ZIP Code Boundaries. Download ZIP (0.8MB)


Zoning Boundaries. Download ZIP (10MB)

Elementary School District

Elementary School District Boundaries. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Unified School District

Unified School District Boundaries. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

High School District

High School District Boundaries. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Technical School District

Technical School District Boundaries. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Supervisorial District

Supervisorial District Boundaries. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Vector Control District

Vector Control District Boundaries. Download ZIP (0.1MB)



Interstate, State and US Highways within Maricopa County. Download ZIP (1.5MB)


Arterial Streets within Maricopa County. Download ZIP (2.8MB)


Local Streets within Maricopa County. Download ZIP (15MB)

Mile Post

Mile Posts along Highways. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Property Ownership


Parcel boundaries of Maricopa County. Download ZIP (415MB)


Parcel Subdivision Boundaries. Download ZIP (14MB)

Land Ownership

Land Ownership Boundaries of Arizona. Download ZIP (7MB)

Native American Land

Native American Land Boundaries. Download ZIP (0.1MB)


Employers in Maricopa County. Download ZIP (5MB)

Residential Completion

Residential Completion dates of Parcels. Download ZIP (30MB)

Land Use

Land Use

Land Use Boundaries. Download ZIP (1MB)

Area Plan

Area Plan Boundaries. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Survey System

Township & Range

Township & Range lines in Arizona. Download ZIP (1.6MB)


Section Lines in Arizona. Download ZIP (20MB)

Survey Monument (GDACS)

Supervisorial District Boundaries. Download ZIP (3MB)


Building Footprint (2011)

Building Footprints from 2011. Download ZIP (109MB)

Facility (FMD Managed)

Facilities managed by FMD. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Flood Structure (FCD Maintained)

Flood Structures maintained by FCD. Download ZIP (0.3MB)


Maricopa Trail System

Maricopa Trail System. Download ZIP (1MB)

Sun Circle Trail System

Sun Circle Trail System. Download ZIP (0.2MB)

Park Boundary

Park Boundaries within Maricopa County. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Park Amenity

Various Park Amenities within Park Boundaries. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Park Trail System

Park Trail System within Park Boundaries. Download ZIP (1.6MB)

Public Health

Dog Bite

Dog Bite incidents in Maricopa County. Download ZIP (2.2MB)

Food Service Permit

Food Service Permits offered to Maricopa Businesses. Download ZIP (1.6MB)

Mosquito Fogging

Mosquito Fogging Areas in Maricopa County. Download ZIP (0.2MB)

Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Trapping schedule in Maricopa County. Download ZIP (2.6MB)

PUMA Uninsured 2012

Uninsured population using Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) 2012. Download ZIP (1MB)

PUMA Uninsured 2013

Uninsured population using Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) 2012. Download ZIP (1MB)


Land Subsidence 2013

Land Subsidence areas for 2013. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Land Subsidence 2012

Land Subsidence areas for 2012. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Land Subsidence 2011

Land Subsidence areas for 2011. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Land Subsidence 2010

Land Subsidence areas for 2010. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Land Subsidence 2009

Land Subsidence areas for 2009. Download ZIP (0.1MB)

Land Subsidence 2008

Land Subsidence areas for 2008. Download ZIP (0.1MB)


Rain-Stage-Weather Gauge

Rain-Stage-Weather Gauges in Maricopa County. Download ZIP (0.1MB)


Flood Zone (FEMA Effective)

Flood Zone - FEMA Effective. Download ZIP (43MB)

Flood Zone (Pending Approval)

Flood Zone - Pending Approval. Download ZIP (0.2MB)

Base Flood Elevation (FEMA Effective)

Base Flood Elevation - FEMA Effective. Download ZIP (3MB)

Baseline (FEMA Effective)

Baseline - FEMA Effective. Download ZIP (5MB)

Cross Section (FEMA Effective)

Cross Section - FEMA Effective. Download ZIP (1.5MB)


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