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Web AppBuilder

  1. Web AppBuilder Developer Edition - Build powerful 2D/3D Web Apps that run on desktops, tablets, and smartphones using Widgets and Templates. No coding necessary. Try it now!
  2. Robert's Custom Widgets - Discussion List for Custom Widgets created by Robert Scheitlin. View
  3. WAB Resource List - Central Clearing House for everything related to the Web AppBuilder. View
  4. WAB Tutorial - Complete Tutorial on how to use the Web AppBuilder with Robert's Custom Widgets. Download


  1. ArcGIS API 3.7 for Flex - Last and final release. It is recommended to use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Learn more
  2. Robert's Custom Widgets for Flex - Final respository of Robert Scheitlin's collection of Custom Widgets for the FlexViewer. View


  1. Snagit - Simple Screen Capture and Recording Tool to add images and videos to your webpage. Learn more
  2. Learn to use Snagit - Watch Snagit Tutorial videos on YouTube. View Playlist


  1. Camtasia - Create professional video tutorials using Camtasia with Transitions, Animations, Voice Narration, Visual effects, Multi-track Timeline, and Interactivity. Learn more
  2. Learn to use Camtasia - Watch Camtasia Tutorial videos on YouTube. View Playlist

Free Images

  1. Unsplash.com - Over 200,000 free high-resolution photos from photographers around the world to spice up your website. View Gallery
  2. Licence - All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and noncommercial purposes. View


  1. Mobirise Website Builder - Build Mobile friendly websites without coding by adding Menus, Headers, Full-Screen Intros, Images, Videos, Image Galleries, Tables, Tabs & Accordions, Countdowns and Footers. Try it now!
  2. Mobirise Demo - Watch how you can design a beautiful responsive Website in seven minutes by dragging & dropping blocks to your page. View
  3. Learn to use Mobirise - Complete Tutorial showing how to create beautiful responsive Websites with Mobirise Website Builder. Download

Dr. Explain

  1. Dr. Explain Help Authoring Tool - Create online manuals from a Word Document without coding. Capture Screenshots and automatically generate numbered annotations for all your GUI elements. Learn more
  2. Learn to use Dr. Explain - Complete Tutorial for converting a Word Document into a responsive HTML Web Help. Download

Advanced Web Development

All the skills and tools you would need to become a Web Developer

ArcGIS API for JavaScript

  1. JavaScript API - Create 2D and 3D full-featured web applications using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript version 4.x. Learn more
  2. Create a 2D map - Getting started with MapView. Learn more
  3. Create a 3D map - Getting started with SceneView. Learn more


  1. HTML - Best YouTube Tutorial series for beginners. View Playlist
  2. HTML5 - YouTube Tutorial series for beginners. View Playlist


  1. CSS - Best YouTube Tutorial series for beginners. View Playlist
  2. CSS LAYOUT - YouTube Tutorial series for beginners. View Playlist
  3. Sass - Most popular CSS Preprocessor that adds variables, nesting, mixins, and inheritance. Learn more


  1. JavaScript - Best YouTube Tutorial series for beginners. View Playlist


  1. jQuery - Best YouTube Tutorial series for beginners. View Playlist

Front end HTML/CSS Framework

  1. Bootstrap - Design Responsive Layouts with nice looking buttons, navigation bars, lists, forms. Includes Helper Classes, Grid System, and JavaScript Widgets.  Learn more
  2. Learn to use Bootstrap - YouTube Tutorial series for beginners. View Playlist
  3. Bootstrap Studio - Desktop application for designing responsive websites by dragging & dropping built-in components, built on top of the Bootstrap framework. Learn more
  4. Learn to use Bootstrap Studio - Build a website with Bootstrap Studio using the responsive grid, write CSS, add a gallery, and learn a few powerful features. View Playlist

Server-Side Scripting Language

  1. PHP - Rock solid server-side Scripting Language for Web Development embedded within HTML and content management systems. Download
  2. Learn PHP - YouTube Tutorial series for beginners. View Playlist

Relational Database

  1. MySQL - Best Relational Database that pairs well with PHP. Learn more
  2. Learn to use MySQL - MySQL Database Tutorial Series. View Playlist

Other Tools

  1. Notepad++  - Best lightweight text editor. Download
  2. Atom.io - Cross platform text editor with 4 UI and 8 Syntax. See your changes without having to refresh your web page. Learn more
  3. FileZilla - Best free FTP Client for transferring your local website to your hosting site. Learn more
  4. Chrome Browser - Best Web Browser for Web Development. Chrome DevTools is the best in the business. Download

Tapas Das

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