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Web AppBuilder Tutorial

Tutorial for building Web Apps with the Developer Edition of the Web AppBuilder using Robert Scheitlin's Custom Widgets


1. Overview
2. A few tips before you get started

3. Download Web AppBuilder Developer Edition
4. Download and Install NotePad++
5. Download Robert's Enhanced Search Widget
6. Download Robert's Identify Widget
7. Download Robert's Enhanced Basemap Gallery
8. Summary of your Downloads
9. Install Robert's Custom Widgets
10. Register your Application on ArcGIS Online

11. Create a Web Map
12. Launch the Web AppBuilder Developer Edition
13. Making the Web AppBuilder work behind a Corporate Proxy
14. Create a Web Application
15. Add the Enhanced Basemap Gallery
16. Preview your Web App on different screen sizes
17. Add the Identify Widget
18. Add the Enhanced Search Widget
19. Download your Web App

20. Set up your Proxy
21. Test your Proxy
22. What if you have a Proxy on your LAN? 

23. Deploy your Web Application
24. Format config.json in DirtyMarkup.com
25. Edit config.json

26. Test your Web Application
27. Transfer the Web Application to your Production Server
28. What if there is a Proxy on your Production Web Server?
29. Install Fidder to inspect the Network Traffic
30. Example config.json on your Production Server
31. Working demo of this Web Application
32. Resources
33. The Road Ahead

Experience Builder Tutorial

Learn how to use create interactive responsive websites using the Experience Builder

Experience Builder Developer Edition Tutorial

Comprehensive guide on using Robert Scheitlin's Custom Widgets in the Developer Edition of the Experience Builder

Video Tutorials

Arizona Broadband Map built using the Flex Viewer with Custom Widgets from Robert Scheitlin

Play Intro

Mobirise Tutorial

Learn how to use create beautiful responsive Websites with Mobirise Website Builder

  1. Download & Install Mobirise
  2. Create New Site
  3. Add a Top Menu
  4. Add a full-screen Intro page
  5. Publish your Website 
  6. Export your website
  7. Configure the Top Menu & Intro Page
  8. Add Links
  9. Add a second page
  10. Mobirise Themes and Extensions

Dr. Explain Tutorial

Learn how to create an online User Guide from Microsoft Word without coding.

  1. Download & Install Dr. Explain
  2. Import a Word Document
  3. Configure Project Settings
  4. Add Index Entries
  5. Generate HTML5 Help 
  6. Deploy to your Web Server